Childhood Obesity Program Available in France FInanced thru Securite Sociale

Hi everyone,
Just thought to pass along information about this program (you can read about it in the link here):

French Obese Kids Get Free Personal Weight Loss Plan

It is open to those who participate in the securite sociale regime, are under 16 years old and have a BMI <97 percentile (definition of obesity).

It is a two-year personalized program where the child receives medical, dietetic , exercise and psychological consultations ( free of charge= reimbursed).

This program is available throughout different regions in France. It just started in Pau, where I live, and I participated in a 'formation' day long program about it-(as a dietitian).

It is a great program and I am spreading the word about it.

The child (and potentially the family) would have to speak French to get the most out of what is offered.

If you have any questions, you can ask me-but I am off to Spain for a week and won't be able to answer until returning.