Child's bike wanted

My grand children are coming over in August and we are looking to buy 2 45cm wheel bikes for them second hand if possible cab anyone help

Thank you for that tip I will look into it and let you know

Hi Angelique

I saw this site being advertised - they do bike rentals in SW France and deliver to your door, all different shapes and sizes including tandems! Don't know if it would work out cheaper to go onto Leboncoin and just find 2 second hand ones.

Thank you for your kind offer they are here for 3 weeks from August 5 so will definitely bear this in mind.

Hi Angelique

How long are your grandchildren over for? If it's only for a week or so, my little boy has two - I'm sure he wouldn't mind you borrowing them. I've not measured the wheels but he's coming up for 8 and goes whizzing round quite happily. We're probably a 2 hour drive (near Oradour Sur Vayres 87) but bear it in mind for a back-up plan.

Also asking some other people I know - will keep you posted if anything comes up.