China sneezes 2023

I cannot find the post to which you refer. Maybe another thread? We cross over subjects like globe trotters!

As for Sinovac, it is odd how slow and behind they were on the vaccine.

A final investigation by WHO is now being abandoned. Early refusal by China to allow WHO inspectors to Huanan market nor the lab in Wuhan may skew research into the source.

China may know but the rest of us may never.

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@Susannah it’s a general thing @John_Scully has said on other thread(s), with which I fully concur.

Like me, albeit John operated at a much more senior level, John used to take the American shilling but now has seen the light :slight_smile:

Sorry for not saying it wasn’t on this same thread

You’ve hit the nail on the head Karen. Manufacturing started moving out of the US to lower cost countries in the fifties and sixties but in the late nineties it was the risk of IP theft in China that worried me. It’s not their sweatshops and virtual slave labour that has allowed China to leapfrog to their current high tech position, it is IP theft. Only now is the US trying to shut the stable door by banning the sale of chip manufacturing equipment (the most important of which is Dutch anyway :thinking:) and US corporations are scrambling to transfer manufacturing to India, good luck with that :roll_eyes:. Sadly, I have zero confidence in the them being able to put the lid back on this Pandora’s box.

Good point about the vaccine, I guess the Wuhan Institute of Virology is better at creating viruses than vaccines :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: There are so many things I admire about the US. It has a can-do spirit, it encourages and rewards people doing the best they can. It is the opposite to the traditional class based English structure which is pitifully obvious in Government today.

However, the inept US foreign policy scares the hell out of me.

Quite. It seems amazing that so much tech has been quite literally given away to the Chinese in full awareness that assurances IP would be protected weren’t worth the electrons used to generate the emails. In some ways they are admirable, but their view of property and ownership is different to that in the west.

Their foreign policy is a natural extension of all things American. I also read recently that shooting is now the most common cause of death for American school-age children.


This is slightly funny

The point being that despite

Xi Jinping, called for China to become more self-reliant through its own innovations in science and technology in a speech earlier this week.

China still struggles to distinguish original innovation from outright imitation.