Chomage for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Hi everyone, apologies if this question has already been asked but I’m new to this group and couldn’t find anything that answers my question…
So, I’ve been auto/micro entrepreneur for a few years now, before that I was on either CDI or CDD contracts. I’ve got steady work all winter but it’s due to dry up over the spring. What I would like to know is whether I am entitled to any chomage until the summer when I can pick up more work? Either from my self-employed cotisations, or from previous contracts?
I’m planning to go and ask at the Pole Emploi this week but I never seem to be able to get a straight answer out of them about anything, so I’d like to be a bit clued up before I go in. Any advice much appreciated!

no, as indépendants/self-employed etc. don’t pay in to the allocations chômage pot :frowning:
as for previous cdd and cdi, I don’t think so but why not ask, it’s a long shot but perhaps if you had more than 6 months cotisations there may be some way of working it :wink: (bit I really do doubt that :frowning: )

Might be worth asking about this if you have had CDI/CDD is the past. I used to claim this in the winter when I was working in the summer season. Worth a look anyway.

unfortunately that doesn’t apply to the self-employed, Mandy, and Alison says she’s been self-employed for “a few years now”. I think it’s all a non-starter, best just ask at pôle emploi :wink:

I was just following on from your suggestion about past CDI/CDDs and if there may be something available as a result of the social charges paid back then. I know it’s not relevant to the self-employed.

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As said - I agree with Andrew that it’s extremely unlikely you would be eligible for chomage if you’re currently registered as an ME. Even supposing you are theoretically entitled to anything based on previous cotisations as an employee I imagine you would need to close the ME, because if you have a business then technically you are not unemployed/available for work.

Can’t you register for prime d’activité (or whatever it’s called now)? That’s the benefit designed to supplement low income for people who are working or running a business.

Also a caveat that may or may not apply to you, but if you’re a Brit and are intending to apply for a CDS as a worker, then unless you already have proof of 5 years of legal residence where you can show earned income for every month without a break, I would be cautious about getting into a situation where you don’t fully meet the criteria for workers on B-day.

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Thank you for all the replies everyone! I’ll go into the Pole Emploi this week and report back on what they tell me in case it might be helpful to anyone else in the group.