Choosing when to "go"

Some very sad news today, Marieke was an inspiring athlete. I realise this is an emotive subject…any comments or views?

I would have requested the same if it was me.


I think the decision of “how & when” should be the choice of the sufferer, if that is their wish.


Should euthenasia and assisted suicide be legalised in France?

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  • No
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I am 110% in favour of people with terminal illnesses having the right to choose that they die with dignity when they choose.

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I agree…the only time my OH was ever really angry with me was when I removed his 4 rifles from the house and gave them to his friends to look after. (He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.)
Selfish of me, but I was scared and it is hard for all concerned.
Needless to say when he realised several months later what I’d done, I had to arrange for them to be bought straight back so he could clean them. (although he never got to use them again)

Pain and suffering is obviously such a subjective thing and I respect the wish of anyone who chooses to end their life due to their condition.
My personal fear is to be unable to communicate if I suffer a sudden trauma or incident and am left severely disabled, so I have already written out what my wishes would be. Should probably make an official living will.



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