Chrissie kitten, gorgeous jet black kitten

This little kitten was found wandering around in the middle of a busy town at just 6 weeks old, on her own, no one to care for her. She is so, so cuddly and just wants to be with you. Very calm little girl who has her moments of play but is quite happy just to be cuddled.

Chrissie née 25.8.2011 femelle noire, vaccinée et identifiée - numéro d'identification 250268730004894

Hi Karen,

Chrissie is still available and we have many others too!

I run the Cat Charity "Chats du Quercy", so why not give us a call to arrange a visit?

05 63 94 73 97, you can see more details about us and our work at

Looking forward to hearing from you


Hello is this kitten still available? We are looking for one or two kittens to add to our family. Could you contact me if she is or keep in touch if you know of any others - thanks :)