Christmas Countdown

(carl tunnicliffe) #41

Unfortunately, Flo and I are spending Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day at home in the UK as Flo has to work on the Eve and Boxing Day itself.

However, after she finishes work on Boxing Day, it is straight down to Dover for an early boat on the 27th and we plan on arriving in Carmaux that evening. First task on arrival will be to get the tree up, wreath on the door and crack open the wine. Mother-in-law will, I am sure, have got the fire lit and a meal on the go by the time we arrive as she is like that regardless of how much we tell her to relax!

Next day it is straight down to the local Super U to buy a television so that we dont miss the New Years Day concert from Vienna and to stock up for the rest of our time there.

French family will be joining us for a big meal on New Years Day and sometime between when we arrive and then we will invite the neighbours and our builder (who rescued the situation with the oil tank in October) over for apero - we need to speak with him about some modifications to the drive, a new car port and some work on the house.

The only down side is that I have to be back at work on the 7th January so we have a boat to catch from Calais on the 6th.

Really looking forward to this!!!

(Helen Wright) #42

Being currently alone in Brittany bar my two Border Collies I don’t feel under any pressure to do anything different…just another day…

I’ll take them for a walk Xmas morning same as always…lunch (for me) will be a cheese omelette…supper will be hoummous and crackers…

My son has set me up on his Netflix account so Xmas afternoon I’m gonna snuggle up with my Collies and watch the new season of ‘Peaky Blinders’…x :slight_smile:

I’ve loved it so far…the new season is due out on the 19th…but I’m gonna force my self to wait until Xmas day to watch it…x :smiley:

(stella wood) #43

Great idea… :hugs::hugs:

(Nellie Moss ) #44

The doing something voluntary thing has kind of mutated. We have discovered my disabled cousin (I spend Christmas with his sister and her family) will be on his own apart from his carers visits. He doesn’t live too far from me so we are going to meet up at his house and spend the afternoon with him then I will drive down to theirs and we will have a big meal on Boxing Day when midwife niece is off

(Jane Williamson) #45

I am making brawn for my friend who is 92.
I am also making a sauce gribiche to go with it.
I had to go to three shops to get the tarragon, someone cleared Grand Frais and the neighbouring shop out of tarragon and I had to stop at a huge Super U on the way home to find it.
A British/French collaboration.

(stella wood) #46

Back in UK, Christmas lunch was more or less open-house. anyone on their own when the pub shut… was invited back to eat with us.

An elderly neighbour steadfastly refused to join us, but was very glad when I popped in with a plated roast turkey meal… it became an annual ritual… :hugs: