Christmas Dinner with the family 2020

Open the windows every hour, to air the rooms.
Only one person serves the drinks (no passing the bottle)
Only one person hands out the presents
No touching the “finger food”… use cocktail sticks or similar
Elderly or At Risk… sit at the end of the table with 2 empty chairs between each of them and between them and other guests.
No kissing/hugging
Keep well distanced
Masks worn except at table
Use the Tous anti Covid app

Screenshot_2020-12-12 Covid-19 Comment réveillonner sans prendre (trop) de risques

I’ve also read that families could bring and eat their own nibbles… so no risk of cross-contamination .

also suggested to keep the time spent at table … to a minimum … and, whatever, make sure everyone is seated well apart from each other, spread throughout the rooms if necessary…

So, no change for us then. May as well just be a miserable git and eat alone xmas day comme d’habitude :wink:
bahhhh humbug


Just the two of us this year… very different from our norme…

but we will be able to see our neighbours… waving from across the street…

OH and I will have a lovely meal… thankfully, we still enjoy one another’s company :wink: :partying_face: :woozy_face:

and I reckon the internet might well explode with over-use…

Is the above list all things that a family are not going to do as covid happens to everyone else and not to them, it’ll be fine don’t worry about it :wink::smiling_imp:

Not a hope those recommendations will be followed in our house.

I’ve always avoided kissing grannies with better beards than mine.
Plus I’m unsociable at the best of times, so a bit of a result for me.


How would tous anti-covid help in this particular circumstance? It’s only a few hours, so people are unlikely to leave before the pudding to self isolate if they receive an alert?

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Only four of us this year - friends from the UK, They have a home round corner that we look after when they are not here,

I managed to grab one of the last Dinde at Carrefour the other day. Any hints on what to do with it?

I was thinking of mixing Cajun spice (with a hint of chilli powder) with butter and slathered it over and under the skin with half an orange, rosemary, thyme and garlic up its…internal area :slight_smile:

Cheers - Steve

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Isn’t the idea of the app… to keep folk informed and alert folk so that they can take the necessary steps…

I hope folk don’t dismiss these guidances, out of hand… or we really will risk a third wave horror…

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that’s sad… but fingers crossed all will be well none the less.

Yes I hope people are using it as a matter of course. But it was specifically listed on your picture of what to do at Christmas dinner…and that’s one moment when I hope people are not looking at their phones!

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the app is specifically mentioned in the guidances …
personally, I’ve no idea how it works…

can anyone explain, please ??

(my mobile bleeps if I have a message… and rings if someone is calling… so I don’t keep looking at it. )

Thanks for this Stella, some of our friends seem to have trouble understanding the basics (and strangely equate a party of 8 as a party of 6). Might pass this infographic on to them for the fun of it, for when then do have their party (to which we will not be going).

The info is in the French Press… and elsewhere… but sadly, some folk will ignore everything if they so choose…

It sits in your phone, and if you open it it will tell you whether you have been in any high risk places, or in contact with someone since diagnosed positive. However I would hope people you share a christmas meal with would actually tell you themselves if they came down with covid and not rely on an app. I have mine turned off most of the time, and only turn it on when I go somewhere busy.


Family have now decided, MIL just been on the phone organising everyone: “c’est pas interdit donc merde, on fait comme d’hab !” … 18 around the table :open_mouth: but we’ve insisted that we skip the apéro and that the other 12, who normally comme later for pudding and coffee, don’t as 30 might be pushing it this year :rofl:

I’m opting out of this discussion, since I think it is going haywire…

speak again after the New Year…

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Me as well, " What did you get for Christmas this year, I got Covids, O that’s nice and considerate, what a lovely present."


think I’ll cancel Xmas…this kills it,!!

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The app is also a huge phone battery power guzzler.