Christmas Markets in Dordogne 2021 (& elsewhere ?)

Can folk please give us any links to different parts of France… ???

here’s quite a bit of info on what is going on, when and where… Info as at 1/12/21

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Does this help, it’s the section from The Good Life France website, about things to do in France in December?

It’s updated to include stuff to do in December 2021, for example (this is not in Dordogne but in Provence):
Carpentras Les Noëls Insolite (A Different Kind of Christmas), 11-26 December 2021. The streets of Carpentras in Provence are transformed into a Christmas story with 150 free shows performed by artists from all over Europe. There are also huge Christmas trees and street lights, carriage rides through the town, a food market, a Foire aux Santons, a giant Provençal nativity scene and magic shows.

For Nouvelle Aquitaine, here’s a website to offer, that covers Marches de Noel all over the region.

How annoying Villamblard isn’t listed considering the work I’ve put in the last 3 months! And goodbye weekend!