Christmas Shopping

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1

Oh I am so smug now, I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping for this year, 99% of it online ( of course! And I've wrapped half of my presents & even dispatched a few with visiting relatives to pass on for me (lugging presents to the post office in early December with a 3 week old & 18m old doesn't sound like fun so I thought this was a better option).

Only thing I can't do yet is the gift tags or Christmas cards but I've lost count of how many times I have started to write them out & then realised I can't as I don't know if the baby will be a boy or girl or whether we will change our minds on its name yet! This will have to be a job for late November.

I have updated my address list (after we received one of last year's cards back in the post in June from Royal Mail & La Poste as addressee unknown - begging me to wonder where has it been for 6months?)...and I'm using these final few days of calm to sort out lots of admin jobs (including many insurance claims, tax returns & accounts)

I'm also trying to work out how to get the printer to stop jamming & print address labels for me. It's a good printer HP Officejet 7410 but I keep getting a message to check the colour cartridge which has nothing wrong with it but it drives me mad, opening & closing the lid after each print or copy job. Its another one of those idiotic technology things where it's supposed to save you time but ends up taking ages & being really frustrating. Any ideas anyone?

I have only 1 present left to get & that's proving difficult. I want a wooden kitchen for my daughter for Christmas and I've seen a few in the UK but I can't see them in France & the UK suppliers won't deliver to France. I have the option of getting it delivered to a UK family member & then forwarded on using a courier for a reasonable cost but I'd ideally like to sort it direct. Can anyone recommend any wooden toy companies online in France? Or any big UK or French toy stores online which deliver to France? All the searches I've done on for Cuisines en bois Enfant so far come up with plastic kitchens - but I'm afraid I am picky & I don't want plastic I want a wooden one as it will no doubt be another piece of children's' furniture taking over our living room for the next 5 years or more.


UK Stores Delivering Overseas

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

Thanks Miles, I’ve also found out delivers to Europe & Worldwide, They have a lovely retro kitchen on there too.

(Miles Barrington) #3

Hi Suzanne - have a look at ?
Best wishes :slight_smile: Miles

(Tracy Thurling) #4

I remember clearly the first night he slept through - the same night I was up all night with the toddler as she had gastro! As 6 am approached, I suddenly realised - wow - sore boobs! And that was it, he’s nearly 4 now and still sleeps from 6.30pm through till 7.30am - give or take the odd lost doudou. And the 6 year old still leaps out of bed at 6am, what would I give for a lie in after 6 years.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #5

wow 10 to 6 at 5 weeks! I wish my 18m old would go back to her sleeping patterns. She’s woken up between 3.30 & 6am every day for the past week. I know she’s teething again but really…I need my sleep now before No2 arrives!

(Tracy Thurling) #6

And yes, that photo was mid October, I was the size of a house by the time he was born - all 3kgs of him!

(Tracy Thurling) #7

Nothing like a baby being due to get you mega-organised, especially with a toddler already. Almost 4 years ago, my due date was December 14, the Acte de Vente was to be signed on December 23 and the moving date was sent for January 15th!!! And we were moving all the way from the Alpes to Burgundy, so quite a big move.
It’s the only year Christmas was totally done by the start of November - including home made Christmas cake! Fortunately my son (with lots of encouragement) turned up on November 29th, which helped a lot - he even slept all night through (well, 10pm to 6am) at 5 weeks old - what a star!