Christmas Trees and Festive Information

I know im asking super early…but im wondering if its best to order an artificial 8ft christmas tree online or do they sell them in markets??

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To the team, please can you ban Meghann for mentioning the ‘C’ word in September.:grinning:


Not sure on artificial ones, but real cut ones easily found at all Supermarkets & local Markets in December.



The C word!!! It’s too soon!! Make it stop!!!

Seriously, artificial ones in Centrakor (and most big supermarkets I believe) but real ones available everywhere.


Seasons Greetings, Mandy.
One response you gave giving details of highly fortified beer & ginger & now Maghann with the trees has got me in the mood for Yule tide.
From late November early December I see trees in most Supermarkets in Paris & Burgundy. I even have the local Mairie (in Burgudy) asking if we’d like them to deliver one to for it to be tied to a drain pipe or lamp post, to decorate the village, we have to agree to decorate it though. If we’d like one for our home I think they cost twixt 10 - 15€.
Hope to see a few home made mince pie recipes soon.


Very sorry, but this afternoon I started on a C… W…

My excuse is that the hops had to be cut back.

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While on the topic of jolly green excrescences, a bunch of these triffid-like invaders have installed themselves in my vegetable plot. With multiple tapering, bright green, firm, and velvety ‘fingers’ they seem benign and - so far - not unfriendly, but unfamiliar and in a ‘stand’ that makes them look poised for action.

What on earth are they?

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Lol! :evergreen_tree::snowman_with_snow:

Action market got me thinking!!! They have Christmas decorations out already!!!

They are grown in the Morvan.
Because there are just the two of us, I look for fallen fir branches and then put them into a tall container on a table in our gallery so that our “tree” can be seen by everyone.

Artificial trees will be on sale in all the big supermarket chains… and DIY stores…as well as almost everywhere… just keep your eyes open and read the free publicity leaflets.

Also, there are “party” shops in most cities…which specialize in all things festive (birthdays, anniversaries etc etc) … and around Christmas… they are a magical sight…

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Possibly Amanarathus hypochondriacus, and maybe green thumb variety also known as Prince’s feather. Could also be another type of amaranthus like cruentus… depends if it decides to change colour or not.

Ugly beasts, thatI’ve never quite seen the need for.

Yay!!! If u can’t tell it’s my most favorite holiday and I had to donate all my decorations when I left! So I’m already looking since my lil run in at Action market!!:evergreen_tree:


Well don’t get all the decorations too soon as you’ll be spoilt for choice once the Christmas markets open up. Bound to be some somewhere near you.

And if you really want to overdose on decorations the take a trip to year round Christmas shop in Alsace. As a measure of how over the top it is, my OH refused point blank to step inside.

If you’re close enough to visit Christmas Markets in Alsace do the obvious thing and cross the border to visit a genuine Weinachtsmarkt in Germany.

The féerie is a shop, not a market, so a different type of thing altogether. And you can go year round, especially as anywhere near Christmas it is far too busy, or even order online and not go there at all.

Christmas markets, here or in other countries can be lovely, but a different experience.

Morvan, a national park in Burgundy

It’s going to be 30 degrees here today and 32 degrees tomorrow. Impossible to think about Christmas already. Oh, and I don’t like mince pies.

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