Christmas … what happened?

Christmas, candles lit

in welcome windows

Christmas, shopping buy

buy buy and screw the budget

Christmas, overeating venison

hit the booze pop the champers

get pissed while millions

all around the world will starve

to death during Christmas,

without a home; Christmas

in a cardboard box outside

Christmas, new expensive

clothes for wild and sex-filled

parties fucking up a happy

marriage or two or more

making matches that won’t

last over the New Year

Christmas, drunken fights

in pubs and in the street

Christmas, chic diamonds,

bored dining at the chic silver

crystal and over-boring restaurant

soft Christmas music in the

background fake laughter

all around, much of the

excessive chow left over

thrown out, it’s Christmas.

Christmas, ‘must go to

the in-laws, bloody hell’

Christmas, ‘family get-

together’ only once a year,

thank G-d! Oh, shit, He’s

also in the Christmas scene

together with His Son

Christmas, Birthday of

the Saviour who was

not saved … just like

that soldier in a far-off

foreign desert land

fighting in the name of

G-d or the present leader

of his saviour country, even

during what they still call

The Merry Christmas Season.

Christmas again.

I cannot help but wonder

each and every year

what –

in G-d’s name –

what the hell

ever happened

to Christmas,

Peace On Earth?

© 2006 Ruth Deborah Rey

So true.

That about sums up my reasons of hibernation for the day Ruth, thanks.

Maybe that is why I am here in the countryside here in

France and not the glitzy city of London with the banking boys

and the need for keeping up with the Beckhams.