I need to send a couple of pickup cills to an address within mainland France.
At 218 cms they are too long for Mondial Relay and similar and the only option that I can find so far is to use ‘LaPoste’.
I do not have a problem with this at all but their website would only seem to offer a tariff based upon weight rather than dimensions. I would guess that somebody may be able to offer some experience. The package is about 220 long X 20 X 20 and weighs 13kg.
Am I correct in assuming that weight is the sole controlling factor with Colissimo and can anyone suggest any alternatives?
I need to know in advance to advise the buyer of shipping costs.

Have you tried this portal which links to several different companies including DPD and UPS.

I will do so now and a great reference for future use. Thank you.

Well…prices quoted started at 169 and went up to 220 euros so I don’t think so.
If the worst comes to the worst its only about 300 Kms away so I could deliver for about 60 euros in petrol.

Anything over 2m is very difficult… is worth a try - but at those dimensions try Shiply or similar (man and van comparison site basically)

Too long for (2 mt maxi) though I believe them to be otherwise good.
Will try Shiply…thanks.

I feel a day trip coming on. Maybe the buyer will agree to meet halfway in Nantes.

My wife had a similar question a fortnight ago, and she did eventually find the maximum dimensions of package per weight range somewhere on the colissimo website.

I’m sure it’s there Alex somewhere. If in doubt I’ll pop into the post office in the morning and ask them.
I cannot find anyone elsewhere that will ship it for a sensible price.

Have you tried your local furniture removers?

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Hi David… Thanks but I think it would be too small for them to be interested.
Just for clarity the problem is the length at 220cms as most shippers have a maxi of either 120 or 200 without exception.
Anyway as Alex had said I do believe Colissimo Is the solution. I just have to navigate the website or go to the local agence postale.

I’m now finding that even Colissimo will not work with Covid restrictions in place rendering a maxi longer of 150 cms.

I have a solution…


I’m joking, I’m joking :grin:


I’ll need a different saw though…it’s metal.