right, that's it. i've had it

with your help (please) i'm going to bring down this company

they are making me insane

yesterday they sent me 7 text messages and 4 emails saying a package would be delivered before 12 noon. the at 12.13 they sent an email saying they couldn't find the house and they were taking the package back.

today they're trying to deliver a different package - but darn it - 10.43 and they can't find the house again

i've spoken to 'julie' and also 'john' in customer service but they have no way to contact the drivers, or send messages to the depot or really do anything

but worse than this, last week, a driver DID manage to find the house, left the box on a table outside and walked into the house and stole my handbag. i saw him do it, i ran after the van, i took the number, but customer services can't find that driver... funny that

So, please, an email and name for the Director of the Company, and also a contact for the press departement would be so much appreciated if anyone has the know-how

x t