Circus Maximus

Well the Roman Empire lasted quite a while.
Give the ‘people’ their Circus etc, they will be ‘diverted’ from the reality, we have a great example of that tomorrow.
Seems to work still. :roll_eyes:

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Another shooting at a school in the US and a plane crash in Cuba, yet more sh*t news and you still whinge about a positive distraction. Get a grip.


Couldn’t agree more Tim! What a shameful and pathetic comparison! I guess some people just love to live in the past. What I hadn’t realised that the past goes as far back as the Roman Empire. While Rome burns…:frowning:

My utmost sympathies to those affected by the shootings and plane crash. Horrendous.


That rattled a few bars :neutral_face:
My sympathies too, of course to the victims:rose:

What is wrong with looking at history, which doesnt mean we are ignoring the present good or bad .— unfortunatly the good and bad will be always be part of us.-:disappointed_relieved:

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