Claiming back medical costs

I am registered as an AE and have been following the process with RSI to get my carte vitale.

Whilst I have not yet received the actual carte vitale, I have now been issued with a French Social Security number (and my wife has been included - result!)

I now want to claim back some of the costs incurred as a result of seeking medical treatment prior to being registered. I have a few of the brown "Feuille de Soins" receipt forms from the doctor and pharmacist but am not sure who to send them to.

Do I send them to the RSI?

or to Mutulle de France Plus who are shown as the provider of the 'assurance maladie'?

or to CPAM? (I don't think this can be right but a well meaning friend of mine insists it is!!)

Appreciate any guidance that you can provide - thank you!

Hi Richard,

I am also in the process of getting my carte vitale... so I have more questions rather than help to offer, I'm sorry...

but on that note, did you get letters from 2 parts of RSI as I did? I got requested documents (acte de naissance with translations & apostille, copy of carte de séjour...) from first, RSI Profession Liberale Province (which is correct for me as Im based in Marseille), and then, another letter from RSI Caisse Nationale asking for the SAME documents. I dunno who to reply to really as the documents are really expensive to get and not that easy to acquire (have to ask family back in Hong Kong to get apostille). I wonder if you have encountered the same situation and what did you do?

Thanks a lot in advance and all the best for your claims!

The question is, Richard, did you get sorted out?

Thanks Alison, I'm delighted that you have proved my friend to be wrong and that my instinct was correct!


You need to send them to Mutuelle de France Plus, making sure that all the relevant parts are fulled in (sometimes the doctors etc don't do it, so make sure).

I'm not sure if they will pay out on them if they predate your registration, but send them anyway.

You have nothing to do with CPAM, I'm sorry but your friend is wrong on this occasion.

I hope this helps, healthcare here is very confusing.

Hello out there, I would appreciate any guidance anyone can offer on this subject please - thanks