Claiming Expenses


Does anybody know if I were to purchase something in the UK now whether it can be claimed as an expense against my business in France please?

I am talking about a tablet PC as we are currnetly in the UIK and there are offers on!.

many thanks


Thank you. I have been wrong many times in the past, but this time next year Rodney .........................

Best of luck then!

Thanks for the advice Brian. But I am a glass half-full type so I am positive that success will come.

I am sure when the man from, was it Decca?, said that guitar groups were finished wished he hadn't listened to the doom-sayers and signed the Beatles. :-)

Dave, a note of caution about the immoblier bit, my wife does that half time. She has her first sale of 2012 almost in the bag, colleagues and 'rivals' alike here in SW France are reporting the same. However, that is most of France despite what the foreign press seems to report occasionally. Perhaps other members may say similar. As for the tours, tourism is also not healthy at present, depending on where you are of course. It may be that other members will want to know your work and will/would express similar warnings, thus trying to direct you toward AE. If you earn too much it is easy enough to change, but changing down, as we have seen from other posts is not.

Hi Tracy - the wording SIRET en cours is only to cover the time between registering the business and actually receiving the SIRET number back from INSEE, which in my experience should only take a couple of weeks. So it's legal for a very short time (I'm not doubting there are those who break the rule and say it is en cours before they have registered though!)

Interesting, I am a tour guide and provide bespoke tours in Burgundy. Have been doing it for 3 years as AE and just off down to the Hotel des Impots to register for TVA for 2013 as I earned over the AE limit this year. Check out the Business Group on here and we can have a chat.

Agent Commercial for bespoke tours/Immobilier etc. Lot of driving and set up costs etc. Excited and expect to earn over the limit for AE.

What line are you going into Dave?

We went to get that advice, rather than anybody here saying we should. We had been a bit mislead in that we were given the impression that being an AE was for three years only, but have now learned differently. However, some of our 'potential' clients for whom we would both need to work prefer to use a registered company rather than individual consultants for their administration purposes. Since nothing has come of that (thus far) it is on hold anyway. To be honest, if it was not for the good money the contracts would bring in, neither of us would be interested at all now that we know the three year thing was misinformation.

exactly - how is him indoors supposed to build his websites for tablets if he doesn't have one? Same goes for the smartphone...(I know the answer to that is simulators but hey - I need to see it on the real thing)

Thanks Suzanne.

I am getting the Samsung Note 10.1. It has £80 off with a £50 cashback from Samsung and appears comparable, if not better, to iPad! We need it for our new work. Honest guv.

You have some answers below Dave, we run a UK co and sometimes end up buying goods from overseas, we're allowed to offset them, it's just the VAT is more tricky but my package TAS books allows for multiple VAT rates so that's ok.. I just bought a tablet in France however as it was 100 euro cheaper than the same one in the UK! It depends on the brand and what offers they are running, mine was Sony who are refusing to discount in the UK at the moment on tablets.

We also operate under AE where we can't offset expenses so tend to put everything through our UK company.

I remember from my initial set up business meeting, that when you set up you are not allowed to produce any publicity until you are registered as well. So in fact, these places that say SIRET en cours, are actually breaking the rules. Another major issue for start ups!

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice.

We have weighed up both and as we will be generating quite a lot of expenses the BNC route appears better. Thank you for the advice on buying in the UK, concerned about purchasing before the start, but hte deal is too good to miss. it will be awhile before I need to register for VAT I think so here we go.

To infinity and beyond!

Thanks again


Morning Brian, where/who did you see for advice on changing from AE to BNC? Here no one seems to know or want to know.

If TVA is paid here, there is no problem. No issue.

I've been on the réel BNC system for over 10 years and have claimed expenses from Uk purchases in the past but my accountant has dealt with the paperwork. I know the VAT is quite complicated to get back but it can be done using the appropriate forms .

I am thinking of changing to AE as I had made a loss in 2011 , and even so the minimum RSI cotisations are still payable , as well as accountants and some other expenses that the AE system don't need to pay.

No problem for Tax but you need to treat it differently for your TVA

My wife and I have a large pile of notes from a meeting to advise on change of status from AE to BNC. One thing I noticed flicking through to look to see if it gave you an answer was that you better not buy the tablet until after 2 January. Expenses such as setting up your business and buying equipment before the day you begin to be a BNC do not appear to count for claims.

How is one expected to set up with that stumbling block is anybody's guess but it strikes me as being a typical rule that makes small enterprise oof any kind such an undesirable proposition.