Classic car events

What is the classic / historic regularity rally scene like in France, especially Nouvelle Aquitaine?
At the moment we’re keeping our car in the UK and flying back to do Hero/Era events, or targas and touring assemblies.
It’s a hassle having to keep on doing that - and also getting the car to and from the garage which looks after the car, meaning extended visits to the uk, or extra trips back
We’ve got some good roads in France and if would be nice to drive them competitively

A couple of weeks ago we had an excellent historic car rally come past our house in Puisseguin 33570.

If you buy La Vie d’Auto, the weekly paper, you will find out what’s what…
It is in the newsagents every Thursday

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Which then begs the question how easy is it to import a rally car
Ours was built in 2016 for the Tulip and Winter Trial in 16/17 so has roll cage, sump guard, different engine from 1966 (although in period) and non standard suspension
Last time I got my road car CTd they told me there were issues with roll cages

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On that event there was a Canadian co-driven by a Frenchman
For narrow lanes around Oxfordshire etc I’m not convinced this was the right car, especially when you take the wrong route and have to turn

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I think you will need to speak to @anon90504988

I seem to recall this was covered recently… although perhaps it was for a car driven only on race-tracks/circuits.
As your car has been modified for rallying in UK, I suspect your car might be difficult to import if you wish to use it here “on the open road”

I did attend one French hill-climb a few years back, where we saw a few cars which were trailered-in and then driven only on the “closed-off roads/hill-climb”.
Those cars were definitely not registered to be used on the “open roads” as I chatted with the owners about them, the vehicles etc etc… very interesting.

@anon90504988 will be able to advise…

I know I can use it legally on french roads as is, on GB plates, and use it on I closed, ie normal, roads on regularity events like Glasgow to Monte for the Historique Monte Carlo or London to Lisbon, Tulip (Bordeaux to Netherlands) etc

But my CT technician sowed a doubt on permanent import