Classic Days ... August 2020... UPDATE

Assuming this takes place - where exactly is it located (centred) Diring my library clean-up I rediscovered a stack of old motoring advertisements - mainly from the 1920s and 30s, which were used as references in assorted books I published. Sounds like the sort nof place that might be interesting, although I have noted most Old Car Shows here tend to concentrate on post-war rather than pre-war cars. I did produce a series of Veteran racing cars, but confess the interest level was very low. (see attached)
For a while on Linked In I also produced a Monthly 6pp online °Newsheet covering different aspects of Old Motoring. Again not a triumph, but I enjoyed producing it for about a year. Plus CARtoons etc., 10 minute pastels - you name it I have done it - but never made money as few are interested in Veteran cars and surprisingly to me not even PVTs (Post Vintage Thoroughbreds)
I just realised I should organise my files online as well, as stuff is all over the place!


Hi Norman, it’s at Magny-Cours

Perhaps you need to visit AngoulĂŞme in September for the Circuit de Remparts weekend. There are plenty of pre war cars there both on and off track. You might also be interested in the official posters produced for the event over the years.

It is always great fun… I’ll post this year’s bumpf as and when…

For a closer look do a a Google images search for AngoulĂŞme Remparts posters.

Thanks Stella. Yes, I know/knew the Circuit. Probably a bit too far to go nowadays. .

there are events all around the country… in the normal way… this year is different of course…

We used to travel far and wide… to take part in … or simply be there…
For health reasons, mainly, such trips have been somewhat restricted in recent years… but we have the roadbooks… the posters on the walls and the photos… so we can relive those magic moments… :hugs:

We did it last year in our Morgan. A super weekend, nice cars, just enough racing and excellent food.

They have some great posters. Last year’s wasn’t too hot, we got in our pack because we did the “rallye”. I gave it away and bought the 2018 one instead…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just been upstairs to check… I quite like last year’s but 2018’s is one I particularly like. I’m less keen on the 2017 one but that one is my son’s favourite.
Of the ones that I’ve got I like 2016 best of all.

Yes, like that one. Which one is 2016’s David?

The photo on my previous post.

Very successful 2 days…