Cleaning the awning?

Any tips on cleaning our awning, please?

Judging by what happens here… don’t clean it… :wink:

Every year, we say… wow, it’s hot and glaring… let’s get the shading in position.
and every year… the weather disintegrates just as we finish our labours… and everyone blames us for the floods/storms/whatever… :crazy_face: :roll_eyes: :frowning:

Seriously, what is the awning made of ?? A photo might be useful too.

My OH is just looking for something different to do. It’s a canvasy plasticy type material.

You will get loads of info if you look at the vids of cleaning the soft tops of convertibles.

From experience I recommend you start with washing-up liquid and hot water and a washing-up brush. That will shift general dirt.

If the awning has become stained by plant/mould growth, the Brit drop-top’s fave go-to stuff is Renovo. There are a selection of different cans of this stuff, designed to achieve different jobs - mould removal/cleaning/proofing. Autoglym also has a range but I used Renovo because it’s a British product - and they will talk to you about your particular issues. Autoglym is USA.

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Have you tried using a Sugar Soap powder solution ? The St Marc brand works quite well on most waterproof surfaces and avoids the need for a lot of rinsing.

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Thank you both, we can have a look/try.