Closing down an ME

Hi, when we first moved to France in October, my husband and I registered as MEs. I’ve not managed to sort out ebay yet, so haven’t sold anything whatsoever.
My husband hasn’t either.

I will be giving it another go later this year, if I get some help looking after our disabled daughter.

My husband needs to close his ME account. How do I do this? Is there a step by step guide somewhere?

We both now have a French salary from a uk business registered as an employer in France through the TFE system. So we don’t need to be in the ME system. I have still been sending in zero returns for both of us each month (should’ve gone quarterly, but too late now I think) Will they automatically be closed at some point because they’re zero?

I did check with cpam about changing our status with them and was told there was no need as we are still under the same system as employees as we were with the MEs. I’m now not entirely sure that’s correct and she didn’t take the copies of our contracts.

This was the same lady who told me the text message I’d received asking for a copy of my passport was a scam. It turns out that it wasn’t and cpam have been waiting since February for another copy of my passport! This may have been the hold up, but not sure as yet because the English speaking helpline can’t see enough of my account and my French isn’t up to calling st brieuc!

Many thanks


This is the form you send to your centre of enterprise - URSAFF, RSI etc…


Thanks so much for that!