Closing Micro-Entrepreneur Profession Libérale Business

Hi Anna,
I had no wish to ‘keep every cent’ indeed I have worked here & in UK voluntarily that I suspect that would not be part of a French mindset-imagine perhaps they’d think I was insane that, of course, I am :sunglasses::heart:.

I have found the answer to my own question assuming Valerie is correct in saying UK Pensions are not included in business turnover.

I still think it would be possible to make work here easier in order to diminish the grey economy unless that is an essential aspect of French culture :heart_eyes:?

I think there may be confusion here. As I understand it, RAM is one of several organisations to which RSI “subcontracts” healthcare, ie you claim reimbursements, obtain your CEAM card etc from RAM. If you return to CPAM, your healthcare is provided by CPAM, ie you claim reimbursements, obtain your CEAM card etc direct from CPAM or the AMELI web portal… AFAIK CPAM has no dealings with RAM.

That is correct, and has been confirmed several times on this thread.

Had a quick look into this and certainly it would be the case for a French person who has retired on a French pension, eg
It seems that this should be sorted out at the registration stage. Is there a box where you say whether it’s an activité principale or an activité secondaire? There wasn’t back in my day but there may be now.
However I’ve only found references to this arrangement in connection with internal regulations. I haven’t found anything confirming whether or not the UK subscribes to the same arrangement, which basically seems to involve getting a letter from the caisse that currently provides your health cover, ie DWP in your case, to confirm that they will continue to cover you even though you are working in retirement, and therefore you aren’t RSI’'s responsibility. You would neeed to ask DWP. Unlike France, the UK doesn’t make its policies on these things transparent to the public. EU guidelines say you can have an S1 if you are a “pensioner” but it doesn’t define what it means by “pensioner” so that’s not very helpful. But in practice, as others have said, any significant economic activity in France seems to result in the UK shunting responsibility for your healthcare off onto France. But at the same time, Valérie is very good and if she says something can be done, then as a rule it can be done, I’ve never known her to be wrong yet.
As said I don’t think you will have lost your S1 entitlment yet, but depending on what DWP say you may or not be able to continue working without disadvantaging yourself…
Good luck with sorting it out and do come back and tell us what the rules actually are.

I’ll shut up now shall I :grin:

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