Closing my account

Hi everyone. Looking for some advice. I have an account with LaBanquePostale. As I have now returned permanently to the UK I want to close this account before I incur any charges which will make me overdrawn. I have written to them twice, the first time enclosing banking card, cheque book, RIB etc. The letters were signed for by them, but I still have had no reply (letters send March and April this year). I’m not that good at speaking French on the phone. Do any of you have any ideas as to how I can get them to reply. Many thanks.

Hi Gillian

Did you specifically ask for a reply. No, I’m not going mad… that was the reply I eventually got from a Tradesman… “I did not know you wanted me to reply.”…

If they have signed for the stuff… and got your letter asking to close the account… what makes you think it has NOT been closed. Try and get into it on-line… and see what happens… perhaps.

Hi Stella Thanks for your reply. I’ve been checking on-line every few days, which is how I know the account hasn’t been closed. However, much to my surprise a letter from the Bank arrived this morning about 10 minutes after I posted in Survive France! Naturally, being French, they couldn’t just say “yes of course we’ll close the account”. Instead they asked for a copy of the RIB which I had already enclosed with my second letter. Still, at least they’ve replied. I’ll send off a second copy of the RIB and keep my fingers crossed.



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let’s hope this was the final hurdle… :hugs: