CMS operators, needed....preferably Perch....and 3D Giclee printers en France

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #1

Have to update and review my website myself....need to be independent, but can't set myself the task of learning HTML etc. ontop of trying to establish more of a regular painting schedule, maintaining (and slowly renovating) the house, cooking , cleaning, exercising, catching up with all the good books etc. that I want to read before I 'shuffle off this mortal coil'......

I have to be realistic ( I have health problems) - and my concentration span (for 'anything technical & fiddly' and energy levels, are not what they were, so I need an expert where this is concerned. I have looked at one or two option in the UK, but for obvious reasons (French system re eventual tax etc), I was/am hoping that someone on this site has come across someone using or singing the praises of CMS Perch, who might be able to show me how to use this...? So any likely contacts please ?

Many thanks for your time...

(Carl Alban) #2

Please please please Hilary, run any prices you may be given for websites past a few people before signing up for anything. I've heard to many horror stories of comical pricing and contracts to produce rubbish sites that a 4 year old could turn out.