Co2 and your swimming pool

Good morning all,

A short word on Eco running your pool.

Swimming pool pumps use more electricity than any other item in your home. Some systems are what we call mono block, that means the pump, filter skimmer and return jet is built into one self contained unit. This way of doing things is cheaper and easier for the pool company but uses even more electricity, often double that of a conventional pool.

Mono blocks in their different forms have a common design error and that is they try to do the filtering of the water on the sucking side of the pump. This is really inefficient, test it yourself, try sucking out a candle on a birthday cake compared to blowing it out!

The companies that use these systems like them, at pool exhibitions I frequently here the term “lock in the customer”. That means you buy a mono block it has a dedicated pump which when it fails you will have to buy from the pool company and they are generally really expensive compared to a normal pump, around €800

A conventional swimming pool of average size will cost around €300 in electricity per season (3/4 horse power pump).

A mono block system will use more because the inefficiency of the system needs a bigger more powerful pump to make up for the poor design and water flow and could easily use €600 per season (1.5 horse power pump).

If you look at Eco running your pool with highly efficient pumps and filtration you could be looking around €30 per season.

EDF have just put up their prices by 4.6%

Over the next 10 years if the electricity price rises by just 4% per year electricity will be 50% more expensive.

Why do I care?

Not sure about global warming but we are sure about Co2, we must reduce the Co2 it is causing the ocean’s to become more acidic. At the rate of change we have now the pH of the sea will have altered to a point where the fish will die by 2050.

Have any one build your pool but insist on Eco running it, it will save you a fortune and save a bit more of the planet