Coast to Coast Pyrenees

I dont know if this is the right place to post this but here goes;

I want to organise a coast to coast ride with my horses through the mountains and need to get information about the region and contact people with facilities for overnight acc for me and horses.

Max 3 people I should think and prob 4 horses. I want to follow the GR route as best as poss so if anyone knows where this is unusable that would be great , local blacksmiths, vets, feed, hay etc

best points of interest. I would like to travel around 30km per day if the terain is good and 5 days per week. Even trying to figure how long it would take at this stage I dont know.

My horses are well versed to long rides as this is our speciality but I do need to put together some structure or I might be tempted to leave point A and arrive at B whenever. Any help and info would be gratefully recieved, even if you think its a stupid piece of info, it might not be to me.

Cheers in advance


yep cheers for that, just found the diary of a walker from 2002 looks and sounds quite a trip but thats what I'm looking for

There is a very good book the name escapes me, that details the high level and low level GR coast to coast, it gives detailed accounts of villages and towns en route and describes in detail sections that would prove difficult for walkers. Im sure with your hose riding experience you could decode the information to the suitability for the horses. Then google the villages to find the services required. (Im sure google would find the book designed for walkers of course)