Cofidis Amazon and Colis Privé

I bought some stuff on and I used the option to pay in 4 installments (free of charge) through the french company Cofidis. Most of the things I ordered arrived without issue but 2 or 3 items got stuck in the delivery system and have since been returned to the vendor. Now, it would seem that normally I would get reimbursed for this and everything would be fine. The issue is that since I used this Cofidis credit system I am not sure what to do - do I ask for a return through amazon and then Cofidis will refund me? Anyone dealt with this before?

Not dealt with Confidis personally…

So… I would contact Amazon FR and ask their advice… we have always found Amazon folk to be helpful and fair.


I had a loan with COFIDIS repaid in four monthly instalments, for a hefty garage bill, by direct debit from my bank.

Although the garage arranged the loan I had to sign an agreement with COFIDIS and it was all quite straightforward: they gave me a number to ring if any queries arose, on the loan agreement letter.

But Amazon were presumably responsible for delivery of your goods and they are also on the ball about return and refund issues, and non-delivery issues too.

Their on-line reporting system is easy to use, if you go to your account it will explain how to raise your concerns with them, and sort it out. Good luck!

Not related to Cofidis (sorry) but Amazon. fr, paying and shipping…I recently noticed that when I place an order which contains multiple items with different shippers/shipping dates, I am charged for the whole lot on day of order. Makes it difficult to tick and tie amounts to items delivered. Amazon used to bill more or less for items when shipped, so much easier to track esp if an item never arrives and a return is needed. And I had mysterious credits that I couldn’t tick or tie…After a month of multiple emails asking what the problem was and asking if Amazon had changed their billing policy, they finally said, yes, they had. I was told they now bill for entire amount to ensure the buyer has sufficient balance on credit card or bank or whatever to cover the purchase. I never received notice that policy had changed…and like pulling teeth to find out that yes, they had indeed made an overcharge error, and refunded the amount overcharged on 2 occasions. I’m not happy with this, but the choice to use Amazon is mine.

2nd piece of info re deliveries…Amazon deliveries have generally been very good - for me - no matter which shipper they use. However, Amazon has bought ‘Colis Prive’ which is an uber-like delivery service (used as far as I know in the 24800 area, very rural) where they contract with drivers to deliver parcels. This service can be atrocious with many ‘can’t find’ and returned items. In one case, receiving a call from deliverer: I can’t find your house, but I live nearby and you can pick up the parcel at my house!

We pay our money and we take our chances…malheureusement…

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We have had problems with this delivery service too in Department 16. The first time was a “supposed” damaged in transit item, which we were only told about when enquiring as to the whereabouts of the item. We re-ordered the item but we had to pay a bit more as the original item was on promo! The second time was when an item was due to be delivered one particular day - a Friday (up to 6pm I think). I was out in the garden at 5.30pm and saw a delivery van park up outside the front of the house and the driver looked to be checking on whether it was the right house, then drove off! I rushed down to him but he had sped off into the distance before I could reach him. I was furious! I went onto the chat facility and eventually managed to get an agreement that they would deliver ‘tomorrow’ (Saturday - which they did).
The third occasion was today. I went onto the chat facility yesterday to enquire about the non-delivery of a parcel. The transporteur had apparently said that they need further address details - and after they had confirmed that they had the full address and my phone number was on the account, they rang the transporteur and told me that they would be delivering today and phoning me before delivery. Today - No contact or delivery so I went onto the chat again and it transpires that the item is being returned to Amazon as it was “damaged in transit”. When I pointed out to the chat man that the transporteur must have lied to his colleague yesterday he agreed and said he will be telling his service client boss about the situation. He has organised a cancellation and reimbursement. Apparently, if we wish to re-order (due to his intervention) it will not be sent via Colis Privé… we shall see!!

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