Cold week ahead

We're having an interesting heating problem we're coping with. A good three years ago, we installed an all-singing-all-dancing 'air-eau' heat exchanger underfloor heating system in our house (doable since we were starting from scratch in the building). Local company but operating nationally installed it. After having the AC on for a few days this summer, no problem, I wanted to switch the heating on again a couple of weeks ago... nothing. Call maintenance: the motherboard (Mitsubishi computer card which seems to be running a small nuclear station) needs changing. OK, as long as an electricity surge caused it, the insurance will cover the nearly 1000 euros required. Part ordered, part arrives, part gets installed. No result. Ah, then it will be the remote, the thermostat. New thermostat ordered. New thermostat arrives, get installed. Three weeks have gone by now. No result. Ah, must be a faulty motherboard. New motherboard ordered, expected sometime this week. Why am I not convinced this will solve matters? In the meantime, digging out our legal insurance: we may need legal advice soon!

Luckily, evenings by the open fire are not too bad, and kind people have lent us a couple of oil-filled radiators. Also, the gite has an independent heating system, so I'm warm and cosy typing this, I must admit. Could be worse!