Collection/Payment of Tourist Taxes by B&B/Gite owners

In theory the differences are for the owner to sort out, as he/she is the one who needs to make sure that it is above board and legal. But I can see why you would be concerned that it could have an affect on your visa. The owner of a flat can swap fairly easily between the two, it’s just a question of some bits of paper. So if it was a meublé de tourisme previously doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a meublé now.

I guess the way to tell is whether the owner has discussed the fact that after 1st Jan you will have to pay taxe d’habitation? As with a meublé it is down to the renter to pay it. If it’s a meublé de tourisme then the owner pays it (or a different tax called CFE).

This shows the difference between the two.

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Without actually seeing and reading through your Lease Agreement… we can only spout our ideas…

I suspect you know my recommendation… as you have already mentioned it and put it on “hold”. :thinking::relaxed::relaxed:

Please do not wait too long before getting the Lease/Ag properly checked-out…:zipper_mouth_face: