In the dull, grey days of winter you need some colour - vsit this site to cheer yourself up.

AC Cobra and power lines.![](upload://yqH5hQ8Pm0FBXlfyOSnnwl0s5Wy.jpg)![](upload://uCtAz3wUDheoZbESGZTlbtjCL0r.jpg)plus a red wall![](upload://qJTpKI5t3L6IE5TSFOITxjTvO3r.jpg)

A Tintin tin.

In the interests of "colour" this one is taken on infra red film. All the orangey-brown foliage and grass is, of course, green; the trike has red wheels and frame; the tyres are yellow; and the rider is wearing a greyish jacket.![](upload://9APIUoFndAjWqzieudwQM2hZFeh.jpg) and the rider is wearing a grey jacket.

I do love Smarties - unfortunately, I don't like Nestlé![](upload://ttxuldzs8oRFKjv6kKSO1W48TSJ.jpg)

The brighter the merrier! Or any others interesting pics you would like to submit.

Hi Neil, is this a page for anyone to submit and share bright, colourful images?