Colourful personalities

Prompted by Valerie's reply to Jane recent post about the 'presents' our cats bring us, I wonder if anyone esle has noticed any character links to certain feline colourings?

For example, we have had the joy of knowing various ginger and white cats in our lives, each one of them were little rascals!! Always into mischief and up to no good, but also very very cuddly, affectionate and personable cats.

Torties, I have found to be very dominant (as can be seen by Valerie's account of her own hunting down labradors!)

What observations have you made?

Here is Indi - butter wouldn't melt!!!

Thanks Lynn

have a look on or or (sometimes the uk zooplus is cheaper and still no postage charges!)

This one looks quite good

I think you are probably right too, Valerie.

We are their slaves after all

Thank you Lynn.I suspected there was a reason but I wasn't sure why.I think there must be some sort of water source outside because at the moment she is asking for water more than she normally does and with the freezing temperatures all water supplies are frozen;

Slipper became Slipper because when he arrived he loved playing with slippers

Where can I find a water fountain?

Sometimes I think they do it just to be awkward! Binka will jump on the wash hand basin and stare at me until I turn the tap to a trickle. But he's equally as happy slurping any filthy old water that may have accumulated in a pot on the roof that's been sitting there gathering dust, insects etc for 2 weeks. Gross.

The sound wonderful Suzie!

How did Slipper get his name??

Do you know why cats like to drink running water?

Most cats prefer running water to water that is standing still, such as that found in their water bowl.
One theory is that it may be due to an evolutionary process. Before humans domesticated cats and provided water bowls full of fresh water, cats had to find their own sources of fresh drinking water. Running water is generally much healthier and less polluted than stagnant, still water, and so the cats that preferred to drink running water may have survived longer.
We supply a water fountain for our cats. They aren’t expensive and the cats just love it!

I have two cats,who came into my life quite unexpectedly.They are brother and sister.Firstly there is Cassis,a beautiful black lady.She is very elegant, a bit of a princess,for example,despite the fact that there are several water bowls inside and out,I have to" serve" her water from the running tap and there is no way she will drink from the same bowl as her doggy friend.She is very affectionate cuddly and loves to play.Slipper ,her brother, is black and white.He is just a big softy,he loves everyone, loves to play and has quite a sense of humour.He loves to wait until we, the humans, or his sister get up from sitting somewhere and then he's in like a flash.He's got quite a loud voice and at the moment his favorite past time is going in and out every five minutes ,which of course, means that we have to open and shut the door every five minutes!!

My cats past & present have all totally different personalities but some of this comes from their kittenhood.

The first Nelly, gorgeous tabby, really pretty but horrible with everyone exept me & eventually my present husband. She would spit, swear, scratch anyone who came near. This was because she fell out of a 4th floor window when she was 2 months old & was also beaten by my boyfriend at the time when I was at work.

When she died 3 years ago at the ripe old age of 15 from an infection picked up in the garden we adopted 2 cats from the SPA Spider a black male with nothing between the ears. He'd been found wandering in the street. At the same time Daisy white & black, she'd been given as a Christmas present & as she is a right little madam, she will only have a cuddle if she wants one, & when this happens no matter what you're doing as long as you're sitting down she will come and walk on you, give you snotty kisses then cuddle up on your chest. She has a habit of pushing anything off the desk or table if it doesn't please her, even things that have been there for days. She climbs on top of everything : wardrobes, cupboards, ceiling beams…. Now I find this behaviour normal but the people she was given to didn't appreciate it which is why she ended up at the SPA at 11 months old.

Now as I said Spider was very thick & needed constant reassurance but was a great fighter, when we moved here I think he fought with every cat around, so it was not much of a surprise that he got run over while fighting with the cat across the road. Daisy looked everwhere for him, & 2 cats are much more fun, so we adopted Brutus a tabby with white paws. Photo when he was 9 weeks old how can you resist ?

He now weighs 5,5 kg !

Brutus thinks he's a dog, he comes when he's called, loves his belly rubbed, loves water, likes to have a couple of centimetres of water in the bath so that he can paddle & drink at the same time. He "talks" all the time.He discovered snow last week & thinks this is great fun, but he's a bit confused as to where to go to the loo so he uses the snow as litter until the veg patch & mole hills come back to being. He is the only cat I have that hasn't got a "history", he's the sweetest natured of all.

No matter what colour they're all individual.

I just used taking the cat food up onto the roof as an excuse to go outside for a minute and warm up. As usual, the hooligans all came racing up thinking it was feeding time again.

Chloe, as usual, would not let Binka quietly sit down on the chair in the sun. The dog simply felt the sun after 3 days of rain and hailstones and keeled over.

I agree with Lynn, based on the scientific data gathered in this forum - Torties are the Alpha Cats.

Great photo of Helix, Johnny. I send my regards and pledge obedience. And Valerie, I love the photo of Miss Priss Andie - she does exude "Queen Bee-dom". Here's another black one for the forum. This is Caline (17 years old) on her throne. She hates kittens, those noisy little wretches (in case you were wondering).

Oh Johnny that made me laugh, especially Helix becoming a screaming harridan. It definitely sounds as though you have your hands full (of fun as well as fur)

Just love your black cat description, very much like our own Marvin!

Every cat has it's own purrsonality, of course. But I'm convinced that torties are in a league of their own! They are the bosses of the cat world, and all other cats better get used to the idea!!

Gorgeous piccie Johnny - thank you.

It has been so interesting to read peoples' comments about cat personalities aligned to coat colour. I have usually had tabbies. My last two were very cuddly and affectionate. Toby is grey (not really silver) tabby but he is no lap cat. He will not sit on a sofa or chair with you nor sit on a lap. The tortoishell girl I had, Rosie, was a complete madam. The vet told me torties are ALWAYS hungry and looking for food and that was certainly true of Rose. And she could not bear any word beginning with "S" and if you said "sausages or sugar" she would stomp out of the cat flap. She shouted all the time, making demands day and night - what a little character. My sister in law has 13 rescued cats and only two of these are torties and they are exactly the same. The black cats have the sweetest temperament and love to play and the tabbies are cuddly. Her ginger cat "Ginger Robbers" is just that - runs off with everyone elses' food and is pretty dominant (though neutered of course). So, finally, there does seem to be some sort of character link to cat colour. Strange!

I've not been in the cat world long, but the tortie kitten I fostered for two months was a stubborn, intense character. She would not cuddle until maybe the very, very, very end of the day. She was not mean at all, just too busy leading her life for the likes of me. I adored her. We called her Monkey and her new family kept the name. Last I heard there were no vases or intact curtains in the house. Grrrrrrr, not prrrrr, my friends!

Chloe - black (white tummy) and a little minx. Always wants to play.

Binka - pretends to be aloof but follows me around like a dog and loves his tummy rubbed.

Andie - Definitely Queen Bee!

I have seen so many cats come and go in my life, but I must really say that each one of them had a completely different personality!

Our ginger (and white) cats unfortunately never seemed to get very old (knock on wood for Tatou!). I had/have two black and white females and they seemed to be particularily affectionate and cuddly. But otherwise I have to pass! I had 3 tigers and each one was also so different, but maybe because the first one was German, the second one South African and the present one French? Maybe in our case it's more of a nationality thing than the colouring? :-)