Combining two properties to make one house

Hello, can anyone tell me how easy it is to get permission to combine two terraced houses into one? We may have the opportunity to purchase the property next to us that would give us some more room if we were to knock through making it one property.


On the face of it, it should be straightforward.

However, I would suggest you visit your Mairie and discuss the possibilities with them before committing yourself to the purchase. :relaxed:

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Hi Helen, a property is usually a combination of lots, each of them being a former independent piece of land or construction. If you purchase an adjoining property, you’ll just add another lot to the jigsaw puzzle. Your notary should advise on that.
Regarding the permissions, law will apply as for one. But you’ll have to declare the now single property to your tax office, otherwise you’ll pay for two, especially the waste managment tax.

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