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Hi Everyone, I missed you, I have been finishing my manuscript, house sitting for peeps who couldn’t get back from the UK as well as still working on heavy clearance work , and avoiding talking about the C-Word a bit. Hehe.
This may have already been posted but there is a civil volunteer army growing up to help the vulnerable. Awesome, wasn’t it great that so many people joined the NHS volunteers? Here is the French volunteer army, everyone counts:
Cheers, I will be back when I can, I am trying to get the book published.


Why was the tag changed from Coronavirus when the volunteer reserve is to provide for the needs of those affected by Coronavirus? Not a problem, the boss knows best, does anyone know where I can sign up for helping on the farms because of the worker shortage?

That is excellent, but as I am one of the vulnerable being over 70 and having a poor immune system and asthma, we are doing our bit by keeping ourselves isolated and giving eggs to our neighbours.


You’re probably too far away for me to offer to shop for you…‘sighs’ but it is great to be able to help people who are keeping themselves safe or who are afraid or unable to go out. It’s great to help people even when there isn’t a virus on the loose, I am always a volunteer. Funny thing is, I am relatively young and relatively healthy and people keep giving me eggs and dropping my shopping off when they get theirs. It’s good to see the good side of the human race at times like this.

I am not on my own, and we could call for help via my friend, who has just been elected Mayor, at any time, one of the benefits of living in this small community.

Always handy to be friends with the Mayor, I should try that. That’s good that you have help, France is a friendly and community-minded place and hopefully many people have people to call on, just here and there are people who don’t have anyone, and the volunteers will also help with childcare for workers as well, so it’s all good. My neighbours who are in their 80s appear to be very fit and robust and not worried about living normally and doing all their own shopping and errands, but not everyone can do that.

She was our friend before she became Mayor at the recent election.
Old folk in the countryside are very independent.

I will ask any of my friends if they are running for mayor. They are wonderfully independent these old country folks, they are stubborn in their routines and ways of life, and that is good. It’s how I would like to be, still collecting the eggs when I’m in my 80s.

She is not really country folk, but a well respected retiree from Lyon.

Ah well, Imeant more about your comment on the elderly folk being independent, which they are. I still hope I am like the elderly French with their determined independence.
I have just had a total cake disaster. Oh what a mess, my chocolate cake disintegrated. I am not used to the oven here. I cut it up and iced it anyway.

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Well done.

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