Come back after Brexit for residency permits


This is clearly leading to massive uncertainty and stress for the individuals involved but you can see the logic of the French position.

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What seems to be clear is that this is not a directive/guidance from Paris to be applied in all départements because I have just renewed my Carte de Séjour here in Lozère with absolutely no hassle. It is marked Permanent with no restrictions on what I can do. However, I can’t guarantee that everyone will get the same treatment here (or anywhere else) as, because I worked in France for 10 years before the UK joined the EU and paid into the sécu as well as the NHS, I’m entitled to health cover here de facto without any reliance on the UK. They even insisted on giving me a French state pension as well as the one I get from the UK and I don’t know what effect all that might have on the right to a Carte de Séjour.

I was given exactly this reason at the préfecture here in the Tarn - they simply won’t process the dossiers because if Brexit happens then what is then required will depend on the brexit conditions (and the current carte de séjour mayl no longer be valid as it’s for europeans…!) and as things stand there’s no need.

I got one ok in the Charente and I’d rather have it than not - at least it proves I’ve been living here legally under the current rules.

My prefecture takes the view that it will probably be valid at least until renewal time and if not, they already have my info so may only need a little extra to issue whatever card IS needed.

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The British Embassy in Paris is asking that people who encounter difficulties in obtaining a French Carte de SĂ©jour residence card should contact them.
This article in The Connexion newspaper is relevant to anyone having difficulties in obtaining their Carte de Sejour Permanante.
The embassy can be contacted on:

Thank you Robert for the link :slight_smile: