Come Dine with me

What a great idea, what you could do is get others to join in holding a come dine with me scenario, could be anything from breakfast to dinner/barbeque coffee mornings etc,expenses out and profits to you. Actually you could do all sorts of different fund rasing events, which perhaps makes the "come dine with me" a little limiting. I think Euros 25 is fine for a 6 course meal and you have to pay out to get in for your cause which surely people understand. Do a raffle as well get people to donate again funds to you for your fund raising. Your son sounds a remarkable chap, as does your family, and well done you all for doing what you are. Lynne.

I Would like to help but would need to find a big big property with good parking and near me.

How would I help...Would collect some kind people together to donate wine, gifts, MUSIC....MUSIC food and I will gladly help a team prepare some edibles.

Summer is not possible for me as I have to make a living by working at my product.

But if anyone has bright ideas please get in touch and we can try to make something happen