Comfort food for a cold winter day

(Helen Wright) #81

My next door neighbour who is in his eighties gave me some leeks fresh from his garden the other day …despite my very poor French and the fact that he speaks no English whatsoever and why should he…I exchange my in season apples and plums and raspberries and white currants and walnuts…I made an omellette from the gift of his leeks and having never before eaten a leek omelette it was the best ever…x :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #82

You are a youngster then Mandy :wink: I was born in 1955, but am 18 in my head, pity the mirror says otherwise though!
Mum is 86, I once asked her why she couldn’t cook as well as her mother, sad reply.
My grannie didn’t believe in children ‘handling’ food, the result when my mum got married she didn’t know even the basics. She bought a cookery book and learnt how to make simple, but filling dishes. My dad was such a critic, and wouldn’t try anything ‘new’, not even roast parsnps, that it totally discouraged her :frowning:

(Mandy Davies) #83

Ha ha! I wish I was a youngster. I’ve started to ache in the mornings! If your photo is a recent one then you look amazing.

That is a sad story. My Mum is 72 and still a fantastic cook. She loves to cook for lots of people but it’s getting a little more difficult for her now. I’m sad that she can no longer travel to see me and it’s almost impossible for me to get to her now. I miss her a lot.

(Ann Coe) #84

Thanks Mandy, the photo was taken a couple of years ago while on holiday so I was relaxed and happy, it’s not a close up so you can’t see all the grey/white hairs and wrinkles! :joy:
I can understand you missing your mum, such a pity she can’t travel . It’s hard for you too in that you are unable to go to her.
I am lucky in that my mum lives with me (only remaining family I have) she is so cheerful, despite having loads of problems, and we have some good laughs together.
Luckily also that her favourite dish is the only one I do well (that’s the reason) home made vegetable soup, although I think that she might slip an extra spoon of marmite in it from time to time !

(stella wood) #85

Snow is now blanketing everywhere… so I am planning a huge pasta-bake for tonight. Warming and tasty, made from all the bits I have in the fridge and larder.

Mmmm… trouble is when OH says happily… Yummy, you can do that one again… the answer is of course a resounding NO… as there is no recipe as such and every bake turns out differently … depending…

Ah well… off to chop garlic… :relaxed:

(Nancy Ellen) #86

Soup, any soup, is always the most comforting. Minestrone, vichyssoise, and our favourite, chicken chilli with crème fraîche and cheddar, are a few examples.