Commencement de Part Deux

Ok the deed is done and I’m now here home alone like an aged cat lady in my empty (therefore somewhat echoey) very quirky and quiet French abode. For the first time in over 27 years I have spent the night in a home I actually own. Dropped OH at the charming little airport in Carcassonne yesterday . He’s flown back to return with our wonderful kindly U.K. neighbour and our worldly goods. They are packing it all into a large camion and making their way here overnight on Monday .All rather scary as lots to do decorating wise here and officialdom still to face but - baby steps . Appointment made with the local bank to (hopefully) open an account and we’ll take it from there. As a bit of light relief I thought I’d share with you Part Un - our journey down here with our aged cats -a 14 yr old brown Burmese affectionately known as Coco and a hoity toity snow spotted Bengal who goes by the equally posh name of Mia. Both are indoor cats & not used to travelling. We tried cat /car acclimatisation classes in the run up to what we knew would be a somewhat stressful journey for them but they were having none of it. My OH updated his friends on FB in the following vein so rather than go on I’ll reproduce it here - hope you’ll find it amusing

Good bye Ford End :disappointed_relieved::crying_cat_face: (although I’m back tomorrow to drive the furniture down!)…Bonjour Arques :blush::pouting_cat:. So it was with a mixture of sadness, trepidation & excitement that we made the 22 hour drive down on Wednesday/Thursday with a car packed full of gin & cats - those 2 buggers are the reason it took 22 hours not 15! Despite having purchased a dog carrier that they could both comfortably sleep in with blankets, food bowls & a litter tray Coco decided 3 times to prove herself worthy of cat Mensa and worked out how to undo the zips and lead herself & Mia on the Great Escape! Scarily on one of these escapades Mia also managed to undo the back window and with the wind in her fur briefly resembled a feline Thelma or Louise. Luckily a disaster was averted, Mia saw sense, Coco sat (& pooed) on my lap, and after numerous litter tray, drinking water and sleep stops we made it here safely. Coco seems to have settled in really quickly, Mia seems determined not to make an effort and won’t budge much further than the chair she’s sitting on below. For us it just feels weird. <<
And in conclusion I’m left wondering why we paid out £312 for a pet passport that neither the U.K. nor French border control wanted to even look at!


Cats are looking rather discombobulated if not distinctly starborgled. Is this their usual mien, or does this snapshot capture their having just got wind of their new adventure in France?

I know cats are not known for rapturous reaction to change, but their whole posture has a slightly unnerving taxidermic look,and I do hope they are both ‘on-side’ with the dislocation. Perhaps the taste of souris will cheer them up.

Having said all that, they are quite delightful and you deserve them. And a wonderful future of continued quirkiness and peace and security in your new home. :house_with_garden:

PS I like a bit of quirk myself :grinning:

Hi Peter . Lol . Love your description and sums them up perfectly . The larger of the two is a nervous cat by disposition but the little brown one does have a wide eyed look most of the time although she’s a limpet when it comes to cuddles . That said they were both pretty freaked out by being in the car so long although they did settle down after a fashion once we got through Paris - which was where they tried the Thelma & Louise trick. That said, after a night here they seem to have settled down and spent last night with me on the air bed. Hope they don’t find any ‘souris ‘ in the house ! They are used to being indoors and given the number of feral cats around here they are destined to remain so albeit we have a small enclosed courtyard they can snooze in (it’s mostly what they do nowadays) once we’ve cleaned and tidied it. They are currently snoozing on my only bit of “furniture “ - an air bed - until our furniture gets here.

Aren’t they gorgeous!! I have 2 as well. Adore cats.

Welcome to France. Having read your other post about the lorry I hope things will go more smoothly from now on. Keep smiling :smile:

Thank you Mandy. I sometimes think these things happen to test our resilience :flushed:. All
Hopefully sorted regarding the lorry but your kind words are much appreciated and thanks to too Peter for his very prompt and helpful reply we at least now have a back up plan should anything happen with lorry no 2! I must confess I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of the lorry not being available - well no longer than a “that’ll never happen “ type thought at least even though I’ve a background as a project manager so I usually have every base covered . Guess I’m slipping on that score as I age and I’ve not worked in that field for many years.
We are I confess a tad cat obsessed. These two are our longest surviving cats and adore each other . Our friends and family adore them too although some did ask if we were bringing them with us . They seem to be settling in quite well considering . They are even managing the stone stairs - they’re used to carpet - the only place we had it in our previous home - and that was for their benefit !! Not bad for a couple of geriatric felines !

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Did you bring some of their normal cat food to start them off with, before they have to face foreign food? It helps get them acclimatised.

Hi Jane - yes I did thanks, put about a month’s supply in the car . OH ordered about 6 months supply, the rest of which will hopefully come on the lorry with our stuff. Our Burmese is on borrowed time as she has renal failure and is on a special diet (which she loathes). She’s already outlived her prognosis by 18 months . It may have been caused by nibbling a lily leaf a couple of years ago but our vet said she could’ve already had it . Allegedly cats can live quite well with only 5% kidney function . She also has IBD/IBS but apart from looking very thin she is bright and affectionate and seems to be settling in.Despite her alleged ailments she is very perky and has investigated most of the nooks and crannies - emerging with spiderwebs in her whiskers!!! I also brought a big bag of their usial recycled newspaper cat litter as the Bengal can stress over the slightest change and start licking her fur off . The novelty of this place seems to be outweighing their usual fussiness at the moment though :blush:.

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