Common Frog in the Vienne dept.86

Hope this is in the right place, only really applies to people in the Vienne 86 or perhaps surrounding Depts.

The Common frog hasn't been recorded in the Vienne dept. in recent times although it is present in the surrounding Deptements. Every year at this time efforts are made to see if it is present in any of the more likely places.

One of those likely areas is the south of the Vienne near to the Charente dept where it is present.

Only two species of frog are likely to spawn at this time of year, the Common frog and the Agile frog and to the casual observer they are similar in appearance. Usually the Agile frog is more likely to spawn from March which helps.

In these mild conditions it is ideal for the Common frog to spawn, (it's the same species as in the UK and many that have seen frog spawn in the UK will know what the Common frogs spawn looks like). The two types of spawn are different, see links to my site.

If anyone has spawn now or in the next few weeks in a pond or perhaps a flooded meadow near them in the Vienne dept. could they please contact me to enable me to make a visit.

Many thanks if you can help,

Chris Luck, Vienne Nature.

05 49 87 65 18