Compact filter for fosse?

Our fosse was installed in 2006/collects all water and sewage. I need to sell the house gather that a compact filter would need to be added to adhere to new regulations?? Anybody have any idea of approx cost? I gather I need a diagnostic report from SPANC as I’m selling the house is this good idea to get now so I know what else may not conform?? Any advice would be great thanks :grinning:june

When you get the fosse inspected prior to selling the house any problems will be highlighted. It will then be up to you whether it’s better to put everything in order to make the house seem a more attractive buy or to allow the buyer to reduce their offer based on the cost of the work that needs doing. The point of sale is used as an opportunity to check the state of a house’s drainage system and if there is a problem the buyer will be given a set time period to put it right.