Company Register Scams

As an SFN member, I really wanted to let you know of some of the scams going on and its more than annoying!

An article at the Infogreffe on the 6 Feb. 2015 (French companies house equivalent)

First case won againt a spam company using a scam technique : false register

For many years, the Conseil National des Greffiers des Tribunaux de Commerce and the Infogreffe are regularly alerted by the greffe or company directors of scams that seemingly oblige you to subscribe to these registers forcing you to pay large sums that can run into the thousands within a tight repayment schedule.

One of these decisions at the Appeals Court in Paris heavily penalised a company director (the company was SARL Inforegistre) for “misleading business practices”

Please see the original article (in French) below for further details

So if you want to start a company and need that help.. don't get caught out contact PLEASE HELP