Complaining toSFR/Orange

Does any-one know how to complain to these companies, and/or who to contact?

Our phone has been en panne for 4 weeks and our internet down for the same time bar 4 days when it worked. We have had new plugs, changed the sockets, had a new box, SFR round to say it was Orange's line at fault, and Orange to say it was firstly a short-circuit (no it wasn't) and then that they would be repairing something...

We are still waiting. Meanwhile they have lent us a web-trotter (dongle) which hardly works here as our signal is very poor or non-existent. (It has taken me 15 minutes to write this!) And of course it doesn't give us a phone.

I want to know how to take this up with senior staff and hope some-one can advise on a contact - using the chat or calling 1023 only gets you a basic response.

I hope some-one can help.

I have just had an issue with Orange but thought I would put it in this post as the heading was good for it. Having been with SFR for years on another property I decided reluctantly to go with Orange, who could also connect the line, for the new property. No problem with the connection but the Mb/s download reception was 0.79 Mb/s (in the previous, next door property I had had over 2Mb/s) and the reception/Live box kept restarting after about a month and a half. I contacted the English helpline who agreed it was not our fault and two days later two technicians arrived and after disappearing down the road to fix it they returned and tested it and it was up to 2.2Mb/s. Great service. Next bill showed a 69€ charge! I was very angry and contacted the English helpline who refused a refund. So I wrote a long letter with the help of online translations saying that the fault was not ours and I would go back to SFR if they did not refund etc. Sent it off with accompanying bill, lettre recommandée of course, to the address on the bill. A few days ago I received a phone call (five digits) which I almost ignored and I managed to translate enough of the fast French to realise it was Orange I was getting a refund on my next least I hope that is what she said!!

Alistair is great and there is also an English guy who works in Tech dept on the 0969…no. One of them is the one who initially looked at things from their end when I was having internet and PC problems (remember they started a year ago) cos I suspected I was being hacked. After looking via their system he advised I go to police. Lots of reasons At time why I couldn’t but not sure the local Gendarme would be interested! I know it’s become a big issue in the UK now and there are dedicated units in the police there covering the problem. Cybercrime inc. scamming is becoming big problem for them. other alternative email the ceo that B Iran gave info on and e plain all to him. For me it would have to be in English.

I also have these numbers you can try as well as the 0969363900. 0800 013900 and 02 41 74 75 00

Last time i tried they both work.

I can also add that their is a Scots guy by the name of Alistair that is now employed on the English help desk. He knows his stuff and certainly does his best to help. His number is the generic English help lin e and if you ask for him he's usually amenable. 09 69 36 39 00

Thanks for help so far - I have emailed both CEO's and will try the help line from a friend's house.

0969 363900 is the English speaking helpline number for Orange.

Hi Rosie,

I had a problem 2 years ago with orange and I joinded the association called UFC que choisir. They are all around France and it’s retired lawyers that can help with any legal private matters. The fee is around 30 euros per year and thanks to them and their advice , i managed to save 600 euros that Orange was asking me. Just to be clear, I dont work there, ( just in case you think im triyng to recrut new members !!! )

I got fed up with them farting around doing nothing and not answering at Orange, so I emailed Sté (I think that is the address, you can check) which got through. He is the CEO and obviously did not respond personally, but one of his minions did and our line problem was sorted inside 24 hours with a call to ask if we were satisfied with the service (answer NO) and outcome (YES). It is worth a try.