Complémentaire santé refusal for British with 10 year CdS?

I’ve read elsewhere that British people holding 10-year CdS are being refused PUMA under a new regulation.

Does anybody know anything about this?

@SuKe are you able to tell us where “elsewhere” is ???

Must say, I’ve not seen or heard anything… and I can’t see any “strange reason” for refusal. Perhaps the person/people involved do not meet the criteria in one way or another… and need to go (instead) through S1 and CPAM… who knows… some more info from you would be helpful I reckon…

Did the Brits have PUMA before or what???
With a 10 year CdS they must have had something in place… sounds as if their personal circumstances might have changed… since I can’t locate anything for PUMA other than a change to the PUMA thresholds…

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The thresholds for being able to get the cotisation subsidiaire maladie have changed, and are now a touch above the standard UK state pension. So I believe (anecdote only) that some people have had this removed.

But this is not PUMA, which should be accessible to all residents for a reasonable annual cotisation if they do not have an S1 or a job,

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What about if they do have an S1, and very reduced UK pension much below the standard rate? If their other sources of income dry up?

It is only for the first 5 years that level of income is an issue. Once you qualify for a 10yr cds there are no longer any conditions to meet re income etc.


As far as I can see… the S1 means UK is their health provider and the French Office is CPAM…
What have they done in the past?? or is this just looking at the future possibilities ???

No doubt others with experience will chime in… as and when…

They have had CMU a few years ago when their income was really low. Just worrying because they heard that Brits have been refused recently due to Brexit.

not sure what they are worrying about ??? can you clarify??? With S1 their health is covered by UK… are they looking for financial aid and/or free Top-Up???

Do you mean, refused CMU or refused PUMA?
I have also heard that something has changed regarding CMU.
But that is not the same as being “refused PUMA” which suggests, refused healthcare full stop.

They are simply worrying that if they ever need to apply for CMU or PUMA, they may be refused due to a change in regulations brought about by Brexit. That’s all I know. It was on a FB group.

I believe that is what they are worried about. Being refused health care if they can no longer afford it.

Righto… FB groups are not on my horizon.

Firstly, if they’ve got a 10 year CdS they are here for life (if they wish it…)
If they have financial worries they can speak with their Assistant Social, who will take notes and look into things if unable to answer on the spot.

Brexit is causing unnecessary “heart-failure” in many areas of life for some Brits in France… but there is usually something which can be done to sort things out.

Let’s be clear… if they have S1 through UK Pensions… they will not be refused medical care in France… they will need a top-up (standard procedure to cover extras) unless they have a pocket full of dosh for the as and when situations.

@SuKe Presumably they do have their Carte Vitales???

It sounds as if they are worrying without knowing exactly what it is that they are worrying about.
They will not be refused PUMA i.e. entitlement to the standard healthcare reimbursements that everybody in France gets.
There does seem to be a risk that they will not be granted CMU. Something seems to have changed but it is not yet clear what. It may turn out to be a misunderstanding or a hiccup.

I think but am not sure that it hinges on the interpretation of

" Vous avez droit à la Complémentaire santé solidaire :

  • si vous bénéficiez de la prise en charge de vos frais de santé par l’Assurance Maladie en raison de votre activité professionnelle ou de votre résidence stable et régulière en France (pour en savoir plus, consultez notre article La protection universelle maladie "

It now seems to being interpreted as meaning only those who are directly affiliated via cotisations, and excluding those who are covered by an S1 from another country.

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I think that may be what set off the alarm. The exclusion of people covered with an S1.

If they cannot afford to pay for a mutuelle.

I know there’s a lot of scare-mongering, but it did appear that several people had already applied for help and been told that they no longer had any entitlement to CSS dueto holding an S1. Some people haven’t had a problem, and others have.

As far as I know they all have their carte vitales, and their 10 year CdS. But because they cannot afford to pay for a mutuelle, they have applied for CMU. Some apparently have succeeded, others have been refused on the grounds of holding an S1.

If one has an S1 then the Uk pays for their health-cover, so they are not actually “in PUMA”, although with an attestation and carte vitale. It is very slightly different.

Are they French speakers? As perhaps they didn’t ask for the right thing?

I am a bit confused as you originally said they had been refused access to PUMA? Which is irrelevant if they have S1’s. But now it seems the issue is the complémentaire maladie. And the calculation as to whether one is eligible ism’t necessarily straightforward. It should go on the RFR, not just the pension.

But I can well imagine some officials are being picky.

Quite honestly I don’t know anything about any of them! I just saw a post that said people were being refused help with mutuelle because they are S1 holders. All I know is that they have their 10 year CdS, and carte vitales, and can’t afford to pay mutuelle for their top-up. I really don’t know any more about their situation.

Probably my mistake, I was under the impression that PUMA was the help with mutuelle. :slight_smile:

Yes that ties in with what I have heard.
This seems to be a very new issue. No doubt it will be investigated and challenged if necessary. All your friends can do is wait until it has been sorted out. I do not think there a lot else that anyone can say at this stage.

Help with the mutuelle is CSS (formerly CMU).
PUMA is basically the French NHS.

Well not having a mutuelle isn’t necessarily a disaster. We don’t have one. If one sticks to public hospitals, and doesn’t go for elective surgery one can go for years without paying more than 20€