Compost Bins available

Due to a disability I can no longer garden and I have 2 compost bins to give away. I' d appreciate some help in return, for about half an hour, when coming to collect them/it; just to move the compost from one of the bins across to my cold frame. One bin (the full one) is 300litre green hexagonal bin with rods holding it together and a hinged lid. The other is a 90litre black plastic cone shape with a lid and a sliding door at the bottom. They both make good results and are easy to use.

It would be really good to see them being used again and to get a job done towards tidying my abandoned plot.

I'm in the vienne, 86, Valdivienne 86300

ok, have sent my number via message.

Hi. I'm in UK at present but am interested. I'll contact you next week, and arrange something, if they're still available