Compost Wanted

Hello, We are looking for at least a tonne of compost, preferably organic. Ideally
delivered as we only have a small trailer. Our postcode is 24500. Any help would be much appreciated. The dechetterie doesn’t have much at all.
Thanks in advance!

Have you contacted your local garden centres… or these people

Hello Beth,
We also live in 24500, but I guess we haven’t met yet! Have you tried the horse farm and trotting track on the outskirts of the village? They would be glad to provide some organic manure. Best regards, razacois.s

Many thanks Stella, I’d not seen this before despite much Googling! I’ll work my way through it. Much appreciated,

Hi Chris, Many thanks for your reply. I don’t know the horse farm - could you tell me exactly where it is? When you say ‘outskirts’ fo you mean Eymet? A contact phone number would also be useful if you knowit.

I presume you live in Razac?


I have a large pile of compost (the core very well rotted) which would love to make your acquaintance but, sadly, we’re in 56

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your offer! Bit of a long drive though, my daughter said to ask you if you would post it!

kind regards


Might be prohibitively expensive!!