Comptoir des Loges, Parthenay

We live in the Parthenay area of North Deux Sevres and I have always been to Comptoir des Loges in Parthenay for my supply of steel, both new and ‘used’.
We were surprised to see that it has closed down and wondered if there is anyone in our area that knows of a replacement shop/supplier. Although Leclerc Brico does sell steel, the quality and range of items sold there isn’t a match for what we could get at ‘The Comptoir’. It was my favourite shop and I could spend hours there - something the Missus couldn’t understand!

What general type / size of steel are you looking for ? Something to build a barn roof or something more delicate such as a bird cage ?

Have you tried asking your neighbours … they might know of an alternative… :crossed_fingers:
Another thought…
Looking for something specific, we checked our nearest shops… Brico/Leroy Merlin etc etc… none quite came up to scratch for that particular product.
Finally, asked LMerlin just where on earth we could buy… blah blah blah and they kindly sent us trotting off… to xyz… where we found just what we wanted !! Hurrah

Everything is made in China so we have no need of these shops anymore.

Thank you all for your responses.
I used to buy angle, box, flat bar, square bar, tubing, and rebar in various sizes usually buying 3 metre lengths of each size. My workshop consisted of lengths of each size and I would renew it each year, spending time going through The Comptoir’s ‘Lucky Dip’ box containing odds and ends of everything they sold. If I could make an item in steel, I would do so and I have made all the hanging plant brackets, garden gates (pictured) around the property, including the hardware (bolts, hinges etc) , and also some items for the house which included a wood holder (pictured) and a special table to hold our display of orchids. I also made a unit in the kitchen to house an old baking oven door from the 1940’s and the oven and microwave housing. As I say, if it could be made in steel, I would make it!
So you can imagine the closing of the Comptoir is a great loss to me.


I can see why it is such a loss to you! What a shame! Have you tried the pagesjaune? You may need to travel a bit

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We had a place like that near us. Not for metal, but for wood and any form of sheet material. OH loved the ‘lucky dip’. Especially as all forms of sheet material and even some quite manky wood, are all so expensive in France. Then the area waa redeveloped and that branch was gone, other branches did not do the same thing. I am sure it’s the same for metals.

I think you’d have to travel and ask around a bit, haunt some trade stores, not particularly for metal, and ask around if anyone knows of anywhere odd bits of metal might be found in a skip for your hobby (make clear you’re not a pro). Someone somewhere will know of somewhere, probably not in the same place you find the person who knows.

@Rachel05 - I"m afraid that I can’t help but just wanted to say that your creations look great. :+1:

@Rachel05 I think you may find that Clisson Metal at Moncoutant (79) may well have at least some of what you need.

From the centre of Moncoutant take the D150 towards Courlay and they are on the right at the edge of the town.

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Thanks again to all of you for your comments and kind words.
@Robert_Hodge - Moncoutant is not far from us so we’ll take a ride out there to have a look at what they’ve got. Thanks very much for that info.

You are welcome.
By the way, do you take on commissions for other folks ? I very much like the look of your work in your photos.

Thank you Robert but unfortunately, right now, I just don’t have the time to take on any extra work. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do the maintenance work around our property besides looking after our fishing lake. I’ve got to say, we’re lucky enough to have two whooper swans there at the moment. They’ve been there since the beginning of November and we’re hoping they will stay until the spring to start nesting.