Compulsory AE Registration - Which Organization?

I'm hoping someone out there will have some advice for me. We have an AE business for property management. We registered as an activité commerciale for 'autres services personnels'. Our understanding is that it is now compulsory for 2015 to register with the appropriate organization...however we are uncertain which organization is appropriate for our business!!

From what we have read we think that activités commerciales should register with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS), and not the Registre (or Chambre) des Métiers. Can anyone who has experience with this please advise?

Then the next question would be...can we register on line? I have seen a website for the RCS but was not able to sort out which category to use to register :( It's all very confusing, I'm afraid!

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Oh well, the mess is messier than usual. We spent part of the morning with a couple of URSSAF people trying to wade through some stuff. We are two AEs in one household, especially necessary to speak too them since we have recently appeared on two contracts as individual consultants working on different parts of a single process. Anyway, none of the latter really interested them in the end. There was a lot of running between offices to sort out questions with colleagues. Anyway, since we belong to liberal professions with no material costs they think there is no good reason for us to have business accounts (doh!!), since we are members of URSSAF they don't think we need to be in anything else. But they did not actually know. The point that was made is that if we were artisans such as carpenters of plumbers then it would be easy. They worked hard at it, so no complaining but we left feeling no wiser really and quite uncertain that they, their colleagues or immediate superiors are any better informed than we are despite their best efforts.

Then we had to go to the sous-préfecture because OH is buying a car privately, so carte gris time. There were two people running four desks (info, applications, in-putting and checking and cash desk), so they ran about like berserkers to get everybody dealt with before closing. Officially that was 1200 and we left after 1220 with several people for them still to do. All beside the AE point, but on today's performance we have dealt with four directly and several other functionaries who were extremely hard working, stretched to probable breaking point and who were helpful and put themselves out of their way to remain cheerful whilst doing it. I wish that on all of you!

Hi Robin

Thanks for the info - yes Valerie Lamiere's site is good but I'm not a member and after much digging on French Gov sites AE and INSEE etc and carefully reading & comparing various small print it seems that it is only artisans and commercants who have to register at the relevant Centres de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) which is either RCS or Chambre des Metiers.

"Entreprise artisanale ou entreprise commerciale qui doit s'inscrire au répertoire des métiers"

For profession libérale and artists(art plastique) the CFE is the URSSAF where my wife is already registered!

Good luck with your registration - how complicated can it get?!

Hi Anthony,

I subsequently found that we are required to register with the RCS or RM. Determining which one is tricky though. I found my answer on My husband's business involves 'autres services personnels' for property management and gardening. He is required to register with the RCS and there is no online facility for this one. We have to go to our nearest local office which can be determined at the following site by entering your location.

Unfortunately, I don't know about other types of businesses but you might find something on the Start a Business site.

Hope this helps.

Not sure Brian is quite right there as on the AE portal there is another para which says

> L’auto-entrepreneur déjà en activité aura 12 mois à compter du 19 décembre 2014 pour demander son

immatriculation au RCS ou au RM.

Like Robin I can't find where to register but at least we have a year to do it!

My wife is registered as an artist and seems the RCM is the right place for her - there must be an online facility somewhere but where?!

If anyone finds out let us know.

Thanks, Brian.

Depuis le 19 décembre 2014, lors de la création d'une entreprise commerciale ou artisanale, l'auto-entrepreneur doit obligatoirement s’immatriculer au registre du commerce et des sociétés (RCS) ou au répertoire des métiers (RM), pour une activité principale ou secondaire.


Since 19 December 2014, on setting up a business or trade (craft), it is obligatory for the entrepreneur to register with the trade and companies register (RCS) or directory of trades (RM) for either their principal or secondary activity.

That is to say, that if you have set up before 19 December, last week, then the answer is no. Not everybody fits into the two directories anyway. We are both liberal professions and individual AEs, but pushing five years and apart from me being a member of FEDAE, nothing doing.

We are already registered as AE...although, technically, it is my husband who is registered. What I'm wondering about is the compulsory registration for AEs with the Chambre de Métiers or Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés. This was part of the changes for 2015.

You are using the word we. If you are more than one person then you cannot be an auto-entrepreneur. Start with the Useful Links at the top of the page, scroll down to the appropriate topics and take it from there.