Computer engineer needed

My partner’s HP Touchsmart computer seems to have died and he needs a new hard drive, so we need an engineer to put a new hard drive in

Any idea?


Simple task…take off the outer casing…the hard drive is generally at the front…undo the screws that hold the previous HD, disconect…remove HD and replace the new one,+ cable…5 minutes max…

Not sure what computer that is Simon (laptop or desktop), but there are lot of fantastic and easy to follow instructions on You Tube on how to replace things like disk drives and memory for most computers.

If that doesn’t help, there are lots of keen IT people in the computer forum who may help if you live close enough. I could happily do it for you in a few minutes, but not sure how close you are to the Deux Sevres. You need to make sure you get the right drive for you machine, and you can either check on the device itself once you removed it, or do some research on the web. You need to find out things like the RPM, SATA or PATA etc.

Are you absolutely positive that the hard drive is completely dead?



Simon, you could ask in computer corner, I’m sure someone can help. :slight_smile: