Comte Ameli

A couple of weeks ago, I received my letter of attestation confirming I’ve been accepted into PUMa.

On trying to set up my Ameli account, I keep receiving a message to the effect that my acceptance is still ongoing and I’ll soon be able to set it up.

Anyone any recent experience of how long this might take? And can I expect to be notified when it’s done, to save me trying every day?

Ameli would be a good name for a Count, it has a nice aristocratic ring to it :grinning:
Sorry can’t help with the query, just grasping at straws to raise a smile…

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Have you had the letter asking you for a photo for your CV, or do you already have a CV? I vaguely remember with us that everything went live once we’d got the CV.

Have you tried via Impots on FranceConnect?

We both got letters saying we’d been transferred and please set up your Ameli account.

Entering the usual Social Sec no, name. Date of birth brings up an “error” message saying one box is wrong. Both of us - weirdly it knows the date of birth (well month and year automatically fill once the social security number is entered). But playing with names makes no odds - I cannot get it to create an account for either of us.

The moment I use FranceConnect using my tax log ins - straight through - 20 seconds and there’s my Ameli account.

My partner doesn’t earn much - she gets a not enough information to log onto Ameli - but you can access your tax records message.

Properly odd - so can’t be bothered figuring it out

At risk of making myself unpopular again, it seems that some websites are not designed to be user friendly.
Working out how to pay the electricity bill online was a nightmare. Renewing Permis de Conduire likewise.
Typical conversation in our house -
“Mike, can you help me with this?”
“It’s your language!”
"Yes, but I can’t see what I am supposed to do. . . . "

Mike… in our region of France … nearly every Mairie has a computer for the public to use… and they also provide someone to help with the on-line stuff. (sometimes by appointment only of course)

Our Mairie has dedicated Wednesday afternoons to such stuff and the uptake has been considerable…with only a few Brits in the commune, the majority has been French folk who have no qualms asking for help…

might be something for you to investigate… :thinking:

Stella, I am a retired IT professional!
I pity the average computer illiterate punter.
And presumably the dedicated Wednesdays will be suspended during the current emergency. . . . .

It would seem that you might have all the answers to all the questions… but not necessarily in the right order…

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Ha ha… of course non-nessential stuff is on hold during the emergency… but the Secretaire is working from home… had the official-computer etc moved to her place yesterday… the "Public"one will be idle at the Mairie… but such is life…

@Mike_Kearney, I know what you mean. I ran an IT development team for the best part of 15 years.
It seems to me that the IT changes are either being rushed out, or vaguely specified. User-friendliness seems to still be in its infancy in web design. Web sites no doubt perform as management have defined, yet it seems that you need to know where things have been located in irder to use them.
I remember goibg through this with my team, banging metaphiicallyr banging heads on desks. There is no point in being clever if no-one can work out what you have done.
M. Macron set the state an agressive agenda, in order to get centralised services online. It is impressive that it has been done so quickly but there are faults. Fortunately, secind or third iterations of websites do seem to be addressing the issues.
I try to approach them with an X-Files head on: The truth us on there, somewhere ; -)

I have been following -
I don’t speak any Italian, but that isn’t a problem because it is well thought out, makes good use of graphics and is easy to navigate.
First rule of system design - keep it simple, it might work!

That was the ONLY rule that I enforced in the team :laughing:

Not really Martin. It’s all part of a very comprehensive set of integrated projects that started maybe a decade ago and still has some way to go. As is France’s policy it is all transparent, details of the project, its progress and the various periodic reviews etc are accessible online for anyone who is interested. Of course the rollouts don’t always go 100 per cent but that’s to be expected. Overall it seems that the project is tightly managed and remarkably on track considering its magnitude.

No CV yet, but I was asked for photos for that right at the start

Have you tried via Impots on FranceConnect?

We both got letters saying we’d been transferred and please set up your Ameli account.

Can’t yet set up FranceConnect, apparently because I’m yet to complete a tax return. I’m supposed to be going back to see the (very helpful and friendly) lady at the tax office in Loches in early April to get the paper form to do it. Hmm, not very hopeful that meeting will take place in the forseeable…


@Sarah_Williams has successfully negotiated the Renewal of her Driving Licence… perhaps she has some tips for those who are having difficulties doing things on-line :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: