Concrete Garden Ornaments - Business/Hobby Opportunity!


My hubby and I purchased a selection of moulds for concrete garden ornaments (worth around £3,500 at least) over the last year with thoughts of starting a business. However, my tutoring seems to have taken off, so we are concentrating on that. We have decided to sell the moulds as a business opportunity/hobby that might be great for someone else. Details are:

Concrete casting moulds to create your own garden ornaments for sale/personal use. Very easy to make.


Rectangular planter

Round, floral planter

Round 'Aztec' Planter


Tortoises (large and small)

Large mushroom/ toadstall (3 different styles)

Small mushroom/ toadstall (3 different styles)



Tealight holder


Celtic Cross

Sun Wall hanger

Approximate Cost When New £3,500.

1500 Euros ONO

Feel free to enquire - 0555 645 341

23340 Faux La Montagne

If anyone is interested, please get in touch.


GILL :0)

Market stall also available!

Buddah now sold - all else still available.
Will split lots.
Now selling for 900 Euros - but will consider offers.