I have a residence permit but my English boyfriend does not. We were planning to travel back to my house in France next week but the latest Covid entry requirements ask for proof of concubinage. What documents will I need to produce at the ferry terminal?

I travelled from Dover to Calais last weekend and the French cop at Dover never even asked for my resident card (I’m British). Of course, this doesn’t guarantee it will be the same for everyone / each time.

If your partner is a Brit living in France then he needs a resident card now - has he applied for one? Was he living here before 01/01/2020?

Otherwise the French are big on utility bills - if you have a French gas /electricity bill with his name on it that might help to prove bon foi?

Others (but not me of course) might suggest that you get around the problem by taking a ferry to the Netherlands or Belgium and just driving back into France over the land border where there are no police.

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It’s a difficult situation at the moment re travel from UK to France and must be very worrying for those caught up in its complexities.

What does your own Resident Permit actually cover ??.. I only ask since I think those Brits with CdSWA can have their family travel to France with them or at least apply to join them later… (this needs checking)

Re concubinage… I attach a link which might help you.

Basically, provided you have been living together as a couple and can provide the proof of that (if actually asked for)… you should have no trouble getting the necessary document.


If the family live in the UK, then that would come under holiday :thinking:which I thought was not a valid reason. Am I wrong?


Lily, I replied as best I can… and asked the question…

Since we have little information…

My answer is in respect of the fact that the OP has a Residence Permit… (presumably a French Residence Permit)…

How long out of France… or why… no idea.

re Holidaymakers coming to France… I reckon you are quite correct.

Sorry Stella, I was querying about family coming over during the current health restrictions.

As most times Stella your helpful suggestions give the OP a starting point.

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Thank you for your good advice. Come to think of it a trip to the Netherlands/Belgium is long overdue…

If you don’t have any proof of address for your boyfriend, if you are with the likes of EDF/Mint etc add him onto the account as joint payee and print off the proof of address.

You’re welcome; just be careful though because if you’re planning on having any fun in either of these two countries you can forget it as they both require arrivals from the UK to quarantine for some time (as does France, but at least you’ll be at home). You should, however, be allowed to quickly transit through Netherlands / Belgium for France without any need to quarantine first.

Make sure you check entry requirements very carefully whatever you decide to do.

Good luck!

I’m puzzled.
Why do you have a carte de sejour for France but your partner does not.

Either you live together in France, in which case you would still have followed the process to get your partner a carte de sejour as your dependent, or you do not live together in France in which case your partner is coming as a holidaymaker.

Which is it?


And how do I go about getting a Concubine?

(just asking for a friend)


“Concubinage” usually implies being able to show some evidence of common undertakings with respect to your joint life in France. This can be, for example, shared utility bills, or a joint French bank account into which it can be shown that both partners contribute (to their respective capacities). The appreciation by French PAF officers can sometimes be a little arbitrary (as people found out over the Xmas holidays with the no transit for Brits-in-EU outside of France fiasco).

I do not think it was PAF causing the problem RicePudding, , but a anti Brit who lives in the Élysée Palais :joy: :joy:

Caused by a egotistical clown who lives at Chequers pissing him off….


Thanks @Mat_Davies, you didn’t have to tell everyone!:thinking::joy:

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I’d heard tales of woe regarding CdS holders being refused UK entry by botder force, as they were seen as resident in France, therefore, any trip to UK was “obviously a holiday”

I went through the passport control for Eurostar this afternoon, & the French border police told me they’d received instructions today, that Brits must present their CdS every time they cross the border. So it would seem that being resident is no barrier to cross channel travel.

He asked where I lived ; I said the Tarn ; he said that in any case, I was “going home”


Think Macron’s full reference is believed to be ‘a clown in charge of a circus’.

Blimey, he knew Cumbria well!

I live in the Jura so should be ok too….(the whisky’s better on that side tho’…)

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